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It's Share Your Addiction Month!

Help Celebrate Share Your Addiction Month...
  • Earn Free UnlockCodes!
  • Get Your Friends Addicted!
Admit it... you are addicted! Share your favorite Red Mercury apps with those around you... Or, start a new addiction!

Earn Free UnlockCodes

Get your friends hooked.
Earn a new addiction for yourself.
Here is how the crazy scheme works...

What? Earn free UnlockCodes?

That's right, for every Red Mercury product purchase you inspire - whether bought by you or your friends and family at The Red Mercury Store - you earn a point toward a free UnlockCode (Xmas2k excluded).

Earn 3 points and receive a free UnlockCode for a Red Mercury product of your choice to keep for yourself or to give away as a gift.


Simply send us the order numbers of the three product purchases submitted by you or referred by you, with the first name or email address of the purchaser to

For example, if you get your pal in the next cubicle addicted to AcidSolitaire and he buys it, kindly ask him for his order number. Do this to three of your chums, send the order numbers and first names of your buddies to us (so we can verify the orders), and you'll have the 3 points you need. (If your buddies don't write down their order numbers, we can verify their orders with their email address instead).

We'll then give you a free UnlockCode for the product of your choice! A customer support representative will help you get your UnlockCode via email after you earn your 3 points.

Think of it as the most complicated Buy 3 Get One Free offer ever concocted.

Please note: The Earn Free UnlockCodes offer is only good for orders submitted via the The Red Mercury Store (
Xmas2k is not included in Share Your Addiction Month. Orders for Xmas2k will not earn points. Limit 3 free UnlockCodes per person. Each product purchase can earn only 1 point - the first to claim a product purchase will get the point.

Offer valid only for orders submitted during the month of May. (12AM 5/1/03 through 11:59PM 5/31/03, CST)

Disclaimer: Share your addiction encouragement is intended only for addiction of Palm OS software, specifically Red Mercury products such as AcidSolitaire, AcidFreecell, Atom Smash and AcidImage. Most other addictions are discouraged.

Questions/comments - contact us at

Here's what you have told us about your addictions...
  • AcidSolitaire - "The most addictive game ever!!"
  • AcidFreecell - "I had to buy my wife a Palm so she could play too"
  • Atom Smash - "This game is going to get me fired"
  • AcidImage - "Don't go anywhere without it"

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