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palmOne Tungsten T3 Compatibility
October 12, 2003

The information on this page applies to the palmOne Tungsten T3 only.

AcidImage and AcidImage Pro users should upgrade to version 2.9 or later, released on or after October 12, 2003 with full T3 support.

AcidSolitaire and AcidFreecell users should upgrade to version 3 or later, released on or after December 2, 2003 with full T3 support.

To get Red Mercury applications (AcidImage, AcidSolitaire, and AcidFreecell) to use the full 320x480 screen on the Tungsten T3, you need to download and install these two system update files from palmOne:

Install this: AppSlipRotate.prc

AND install this: StatusBarLib.prc

Please note: These update files are from palmOne.They were written by and provided by palmOne as system updates for palmOne Tungsten T3 customers. These are not Red Mercury updates. If you have questions or concerns about these updates, please contact palmOne Technical Support. This palmOne system update download page is here solely as a convenience to our customers.

HotSync these two files on to your Tungsten T3. After the HotSync, your T3 will tell you that it needs to reset itself. This is normal and should not cause any data loss.

Now, you are probably pretty curious why you have to install these files and what they are. If you are not curious, go install the files on your T3, and make sure you have the latest versions of our software. AcidSolitaire, AcidFreecell, and AcidImage have been completely updated for Tungsten T3 full screen support.
Ok, you are curious. Here is the story as far as we know:

The palmOne Tungsten T3 has a retractable "virtual" graffiti area that allows applications to use the full 320x480 pixel screen. The Palm OS standard for accessing this area was still being defined when the T3 shipped, so palmOne included non-standard support for this feature. A Tungsten T3 right out of the box doesn't have full, standard support for the retractable graffiti area.

Red Mercury's applications support the standard that isn't on the T3 yet.

The files above are provided by palmOne as a system update to the Tungsten T3. Those files make the Tungsten T3 compatible with the standard that Red Mercury (and other) applications support, allowing our applications to use the full screen on the T3.

It is possible that future Tungsten T3 devices will ship with these updated files already installed, so if our software is already working ok (in other words, you can minimize the graffiti area in AcidSolitaire and AcidFreecell, and view full-screen images in AcidImage), then you don't need to install these files and probably shouldn't.

If you have already installed these two files to get some other software to work correctly on your T3, you don't need to re-install them again for our sake.

So... there you go. That's the story. It works. That's all we know.

Another Update:
palmOne has released a Tungsten T3 System Update that addresses problems with writing to memory cards, and also addresses a problem with the Tungsten T3 operating more slowly than it should. This system update does not include the other system update mentioned above, and in fact, during the update process, it will probably remove the other updates above.

This new system update does not affect the operation of our software, but you will probably want to install it since it does improve the reliability of memory card use on the Tungsten T3. Again, if you have any questions, concerns, or reservations about installing any of these updates, please contact palmOne Technical Support. We hate to be in such a buck-passing situation here, but palmOne can provide much better information about these issues than we can.

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